Information for Schools

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Why become a member of MOSAIC . . . . .

In regional Victoria casual replacement teachers (CRT's) are scarce. Diminished numbers has led to greater competition, especially for the top calibre teachers. In periods of high demand some schools simply make do, or go without making other arrangements, coping as best they can. Finding CRTs can be stressful and time consuming and we believe your time could be better spent.

MOSAIC is a teacher supply specialist. We have the tools and information that allow us to quickly identify which of your preferred CRTs are available on a daily basis. You keep control over who you employ and delegate the organising and running around to us. Our members rest easy knowing that MOSAIC has organised the best replacement possible.

MOSAIC gives you another dimension to staffing that you would not normally have working independently. As MOSAIC is a central point working with many schools and teachers, we have the flexibility to swap CRTs in and out of bookings to suit the needs of our schools. This allows us to achieve greater rates of continuity causing less disruption and allowing CRTs and students to build a strong rapport. MOSAIC can make the best possible matches and everyone wins. An image of a blackboard

CRTs benefit too . . . . .

Schools certainly do not disadvantage CRTs by becoming a member of MOSAIC. MOSAIC offers CRTs great benefits too. We are all about offering flexibility and convenience. Happy confident CRTs do a better job and we only offer bookings that meet their preferences. They get to choose what schools and grades they’d like, how far they want to travel, and what days they can work etc. MOSAIC offers them flexibility, convenience, a central point of access. We offer them a forum to express their desires without the risk of offending schools by refusing job offers, or being put on the bottom of the list for being too choosy or unavailable too often.

Our Booking Service Costs Little, But Saves You Lots . . . . .

To become a member of MOSAIC is free. Our booking service is a user pays system so you only pay a small fee for the bookings you need. If you’d like to make further enquiries you are most welcome to call us any time. We believe it is important to maintain frequent contact with our customers and we’d welcome any comments you’d care to make. We hope to hear from you soon.
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